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Want to learn more about these historic machines? Trace the history of the HBX/HBY lathes, and more particularly the HBX 360 with this CAZENEUVE section!

From 1960 onwards, several mythical CAZENEUVE lathes were created: first the HBX 360, then the HBX 590 and the HBY. 

The HBX 360 model is at the top of the world production. It is a truly new lathe: with the traditional qualities of CAZENEUVE lathes: precision, power and manoeuvrability. It adds to this innovations that increase its speed of operation and its machining possibilities. 

1st innovation: The variable speed drive.

This variable spindle speed drive, with pre-selection and almost instantaneous speed change, allows the optimum cutting speed. It saves time and facilitates the work of the operator. It is disengageable and therefore does not require the motor to be stopped at each workpiece change.

2nd innovation: The new deck principle.

It has a release for turning and threading on the stop and allows automatic return to the pitch (metric or Whitworth). It allows rapid threading with a carbide tool in the case of roughing. The value of the feed rates can be modified under the load of the passes by operating a lever. These various arrangements ensure a speed of execution never before achieved on a parallel lathe.

3rd innovation: Direct reading of the feed and step box.

This reading increases the speed of work and reduces or eliminates the risk of error.

In addition to these innovations, there are a number of features:

Treated and ground master screw, which is protected from shocks and falling chips or metal particles by sealed telescopic tubes forming an oil reservoir. Wear is virtually eliminated and accuracy maintained over time.

Special tailstock with sensitive drilling and automatic feed (on request). This tailstock allows :

  • Sensitive drilling of small holes,
  • Drilling with automatic feeds,
  • The quick release of chips,
  • Proper clamping of long parts by spring compression,
  • Quick removal of workpieces between centers.

Simple and robust electrical equipment.

Provides the best protection for the spindle drive motor. It also controls the hydraulic pump of the variable speed drive and the tool lubrication pump.

Safety devices and protection.

Protects the worker from vertical or horizontal water splashes and falling parts. A system also makes it impossible to start the lathe if there is insufficient oil in the main components. The bench slides are also protected against chips (these slides are either hardened or unhardened on request). This means that safety devices are provided in the event of excessive stresses that could damage the machine's condition or accuracy.

Equipment and accessories.

At the time, the HBX 360 model was delivered with its normal accessories: 1 fixed steady rest - 4 longitudinal stops including 1 on the bench and 3 retractable on the apron with quick adjustment - 2 micrometric and retractable transverse stops - 2 fixed tips - 1 high precision 4-tool turret - 1 coolant device - 1 chuck protection housing - 1 rear guard on base - 1 coping protector - 1 set of 6 spanners - 1 Lub pump. On request, additional accessories can be supplied: Universal hydraulic copier - Conical chucker - Universal chuck - Pneumatic chuck - Driver - 4 independent jaw platen - Hole platen - Follow-up steady rest - Rotating spikes - Individual 24V lighting devices - Rear support sole - Rear tool holder, etc.

The HBX 360 lathe and its variants.

The HBX 360 is available in four variants: Type A - Conventional tailstock, which allows for the return of metric pitches. Type B - Classic tailstock, with automatic feed back in metric and inch threaded pitches and load changeover. Type C - Tailstock with sensitive and automatic feed. Tablier comme dans le type A. Type BC - Tailstock as in type C. Tabler comme dans le type B.